Holiday Screen Press Check

Spent the past few days at the screenprinters going over the graphics I am releasing for Holidays.  This is just a preview of 3, but it’ll give you an idea of what the line is going to be like, I hope you like what you see.

Comin’ in Hot



This graphic is so hot dudes effin arm caught on fire






Finally got a sample box of the New Urethane I been working on with my wheel manufacturer.  I’ll throw them on the blades tomorrow, and ship a few sets to the guys to see how they hold up.  Also have new Cores in the works that are stronger and will hold up to larger impacts.





Little prayer at the Temple we visited when we were in Kyoto

Jero Confused why Jeffs drinking beer at 8:00 AM.

Shibuya at full throttle

Shot I took from the temple visit

And another

And another

My favorite pic I took there, so beautiful

Jeff, Austin, and I got drunk one night in Okayama and grabbed bikes and took them to the X games course to get crazy.

Jeff was gettin some serious hang time

I take this shit serious and it shows

Vicious one footer!

I think Jeff cleared the entire ramp on this one, look at his face so extreme.

Just a cool Contrast pic I shot outside our favorite noodle spot.

Yasutokos do it right, I think this is the fathers bike.  So sick.

Good Skates

Card gettin all Karate Kid like in Rokko Island

Rokko Island, this place was beautiful.  It’s the most americanized part of Japan according to all the American soccer moms that came to our event to watch the demo.

Bike anyone?  There are bikes everywhere, and none of them have locks on them.  Japan was the safest, cleanest place I’ve ever been.  I think I saw one 3 police the entire trip, and one of them was about to arrest jeff for getting rough with an advertisement sign the night of my birthday.  So funny, the cop came at jeff with hand cuffs, luckily our translators saved his ass.  Little drunk bastard.

One night we went out and they had this spanish dancing festival / performance and the lit all the waters with these lanterns in downtown Rokko.

The crowd watching the performance

The big finish

Can’t beat Beer and Bikes

Morris saw a huge fuckin Rat.

Look at this Skid, started to rain a little and gave the tile the perfect give for a text book skid.  Textbook Treseder Tokyo Drift.

Morris bit off Jeffs Ear 2 seconds later!

Drunk underwear tuck!

Jeff swooped up a shorty for the ride

You should see the people with their dogs here, it was like a constant dog show in Rokko.  Look at the poodle in the background.

Jero in Jero Mode

Zik and I a few hours before my birthday midnight extraveganza.  haha We got stuck on the train from Osaka back to Tokyo due to rain so most of the night was spent on the train, or sleeping in the train station.  Longest, but probably the funnest night ever.


We were drinking outside of the train and all these guys on the other train tapped on the window and raised their beers, so I felt it appropriate to run in there and give em all an nice cheers.  Kampai!

Not sure what this is, I dont wanna say disturbing because it’s kind of sexy at the same time.  It’s just Morris doing the shit he does.

It’s not moving and it looks like its haulin ass!

This girl spoke a little english and heard all of us saying birthday, and it turns out it was her birthday as well so we ran down to the nearest vending machine and bought her a few beers so she could party with us.  Only seemed right, she got polaroids with all of us, and had what appeared to be a good time.

No idea.

Jeff and Austin inside outside cheers

This could be me announcing to the train that I am drunk, but I could be wrong.

This guy said we were being too loud, which we most definitely were.

This is where we woke

This is where we slept the next night, in tombs.

Jeff and his hump cup

Outside of our Pod Hotel

Our Curry spot we found while we were out.  Place was the size of your closet and probably the best curry I’ve ever had.




Here’s a few pics I’ve got so far, I got a ton of em, but it’s hard to filter through them and decide what to put up and what to just hold for myself.  Anyway here’s a few.  I shot a bunch of this amazing temple, but I’ll save them for the next update in a few days.

Jero and I eating some amazing noodles in Shibuya

All hotels come with a robe so Jeff and I took advantage.  Such a good look.

Jeff right before he attacked my camera.  Thing no longer functions.

Dont feed the pigeons

This building was a monster, and it looked so amazing when the clouds came through

Toilet with a sink on top.  You’d flush and the water up top would just start running for you to clean the hands with.  Genius!

Jeff in Rain Gear, shit was coming down in Yokahama

Downtown Shibuya.  The heart of Tokyo.

Biggest fucking parking cone I’ve ever seen!

If you dont like the boss then fuck you!

Jeff and I hanging in Tokyo.

Ok on three everybody run . . . 3.


Colorado Road trip pt. 2

What up everyone, I am hitting you up from Japan on the Empire all or nothing tour.  Jeff, Sayer and I hopped a flight from SLC day after the Colorado Road Trip so I am gonna do a few more Colorado Updates before diving into all these amazing Tokyo pics I been getting, but do peep www.empir3.com, and www.d-structure.com for daily updates that are going on now.

Our Bunk Situation at the Danforth Home

McClain next to the Heat Mobile, we got the pics on that morning!

Jero and Brandon pissed about the weather at Silverthorne park, huge thumbs down for one of the best parks on the stop.

Fuckin Rain

What do ya do if ya can’t skate Marcus?

The fishbrain challenge.  Had to roll up to the park and fishbrain the ledge first try.  Everyone went down but Ryan Schude who I didn’t get the photo of.  Damn!

Q for U, a road trip BBQ staple

I am having at it, this sandwich had no chance.

The Benders made if official a day before the Road Trip!  Congrats.

Alejandro “The Machette” Candelo

These guys are doing it right.

Edwards Famous Bowl

Perdy Clouds

This guy is on cloud nine.  Sparks and Old Style, the perfect combination.

2nd Camp Site when we all arrive, a good 15 Minutes before the Rain

The rain came with an amazing sunset.

We retreated to the van for some music while the weather ran it’s course.

Music by the Campfire got all of us motivated for the mile hike down to the haunted house, and for the 30 foot tree we cut down.

Breakfast in the morning at the 19st Cafe.  So Good!

Sayer and I looking off into the Distance at Carbondale skatepark


Road Trip Day 1

Jeff’s ready to finally rock and roll after a nice night of rest at Jeremy Spira’s home.  Thanks to him for letting all of us post up at his home!  Wish we could all come back for the wedding friend.

Ross and Spira shortly after Ross tore down his shitty ass tent.

Our Tour Mascot.  Sexy as she wants to be.  Pretty sure we have her tacked up everywhere in the van.

Dirty Danforth mobbin that beard at the bank spot.

Man is just talented at whatever he does.

Boulder Skatepark.  You should have seen the Airs Jeff was boosting off the hip, probably have to wait for the be-mag to drop for that image, but trust that it was enormous.

Jero diggin the dirty socks.

If in boulder it’s a must to visit the infamous S Rail.  She’s been capped, but still skateable all of us battled it out with this hog for a good hour.

Ridin dirty!  Sayer stole his moms scooter and mobbed it to the park, jeff was so hyped on riding bitch.

Marcus taking it all in.

Nice seeing brandon outside of a starbucks.

If you wanna see more photos check out www.killslayer.com sayer is doing updates on his site as well.

Gonna be in the Mountains for the next two days, but I’ll hopefully hit starbucks a few times and do a few updates for you guys.  Enjoy.




Colorado Road Trip

Everyone is packing their bags getting ready for the Colorado Road Trip.  I got Stockwell, Myself, Marcus Benavides, Sayer Danforth, and Ross Kuhn flying into the Denver Airport on the 7th of August.  Gonna hang out and skate in Denver for a few days at some of Sayers old favorite spots when he lived out there, then meet up with everyone on the 10th for the 11th Annual Colorado Road Trip.  Check back for Updates.

Live. Love